October 28, 2013

Why You Should Become an Egg Donor with Us!

Many of our past patients always seem to have stories of their family or friends asking "WHY are you donating?" We've heard many reasons, but whittled down the most popular reasons to become an Egg Donor!

After you've read all of these reasons, we're sure you'll want to head over to our Fertility Centers of Illinois Egg Donor form to apply!

Financial Gain
Egg donors are compensated generously, around $7,000. This covers the time and effort it takes to complete an Egg Donation cycle. This generous compensation can provide a head start on personal and professional goals. Many FCI Donors use their compensation to plan a wedding, pay off college loans or buy a new home. 

Helping Others
Your gift will change the lives of a the people who yearn to be parents and are unable to do so without your help. About 7 million people face infertility issues.
Your donation will help fulfill life-long the dreams of those who have always wanted to be a parent.

Positively Changing the Lives of Many
The lives you change go beyond just the initial hopeful parent or parents that receive your donation. Aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, grandparents, mothers, fathers and friends will all be so excited about the new family member they have the opportunity to love.

Get the 411 on Your Personal Fertility
While your annual checkup keeps you healthy, many women do not know the inner workings of their fertility unless they undergo detailed treatment. Through the process of egg donation, doctors are able to do an evaluation of your fertility and gynecological health informing you of any potential roadblocks - or, better yet, set your mind at ease with a clean bill of health.

Join the Thousands Who Have Donated Before You
Hundreds of thousands of women have donated their eggs across the United States. By becoming an egg donor, you join the ranks of these courageous and generous women who have walked the egg donor path before you. Many of them keep in touch on Facebook and Twitter!

There is an Egg Donor Shortage
There are more families that need egg donors than there are egg donors available. Quite frankly, you're in demand, ladies!

Learn About an Interesting and Exciting Industry
The more you learn about the fertility industry, the more you will want to know. We have seen this with countless donors and couples. The intricate science and cutting-edge techniques have turned many into fertility industry followers, and even fertility industry professionals.

Did any of these reasons interest you to learn more? Head over to our Egg Donor page now to read more about the process & sign up to get further information right now!

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