June 5, 2014

FCI Event: Choosing Egg Donation as Your Path to Parenthood 6/10

Don't miss our informative seminar "Choosing Egg Donation as Your Path to Parenthood" at our
Glenview, Illinois location on Tuesday, June 10 at 7pm!

We'd love all interested individuals to come out and attend to this seminar to meet our psychologists, our Nurse Coordinator for couples considering using an egg donor, and the Egg Donor Recruiter for our Fertility Centers of Illinois in-house donor program. 

Topics covered will include: 
  • What makes a child “yours” and how important are genetics to the way a child turns out?
  • What motivates a woman to donate her eggs and how does she understand her role in this?
  • What are the options for choosing a donor and what criteria do people employ?
  • How do you (or don’t you) talk to a child about donor conception and what does it mean to them as they grow up? 

There will be plenty of time for your questions during the seminar!

If you would like to participate in this complimentary Patient Education Support Group sponsored by Fertility Centers of Illinois, call us at (877) 324-4483.

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