April 23, 2013

National Infertility Awareness Week: All of our FCI Events!

NIAW 2013 Events

FCI Has a Week of Events to Support National Infertility Awareness Week



Every day, people do amazing things in their communities to improve the lives of people with infertility. During National Infertility Awareness Week, RESOLVE asks the infertility community to tell us how you are making a difference in ways large and small. By sharing our stories, we not only call attention to the disease of infertility, we inspire more family members, more friends, more medical professionals, and more lawmakers to join the movement.

questionmarkSunday, April 21  

What Do You Know About Fertility?  Take the Quiz! 

Take OUR QUIZ to learn more about Fertility and then take the discussion online by sharing with your social media community! Share your thoughts on our FACEBOOK page --- facebook iconLIKE US and SHARE the quiz!  Together we can exchange information and experiences to spread Fertility Awareness in our community!

lab imageMonday, April 22 (7:00 – 8:30PM)  

Making Embryos At River North Lab: An Embryo’s Day-By-Day Journey

FCI Physician:  Edward Marut, MD

FCI Embryologist:   Jill Matthews, TS (ABB) 

Join us at FCI River North as Dr. Ed Marut joins our embryologist and learn what actually happens to your eggs, sperm, and embryos. You will learn how eggs are fertilized, how embryos grow, and how eggs, sperm, and embryos are frozen. This is a fascinating presentation!
Cost of the class is $10.00.  Online registration is required.
Register www.fcionline.com | Patient Support / Patient Education Events CLICK HERE
FCI – Chicago River North, 900 N. Kingsbury, RW 6, Chicago, IL 60610

adoption Tuesday, April 23 (7:00-8:30PM)

FCI Cracks the Door on Adoption

FCI Psychologist:  Marie Davidson, Ph.D., FCI
Special Guest:  Jane Turner, Associate Director | Family Resource Center 
Many fertility patients, as annoyed as they are to be asked, “Have you ever thought about adoption?", actually are curious about it.  Come listen to an adoption professional present an overview of the adoption process.  Learn about different paths to adoption, costs, time frames, and how to start investigating this family-building alternative.  Cost is Free.  Online registration is required.  
Register on our website www.fcionline.com Patient Support / Patient Education Events CLICK HERE
FCI - 3703 West Lake Avenue - Lower Level Classroom - Glenview, IL 60026

fruitWednesday, April 24 (6:00-7:30PM)

Nutrition and Supplements to Support Egg Quality

FCI Physician – Jennifer Hirshfeld-Cytron, MD
Pulling Down the Moon - Margaret Wertheim, MS, RD
Join this engaging workshop on dietary strategies and nutritional supplements to improve egg quality. This workshop will be helpful for women going through ART or those trying to conceive naturally.  During this workshop, you will develop a nutritional plan to help maximize the quality of your eggs.
Cost of the class is $25 / For more information about Pulling Down the Moon go to: www.pullingdownthemoon.com.  Questions call Pulling Down the Moon at (312) 321-0004.
Pulling Down the Moon – Chicago / River North 900 N. Kingsbury, RW 6A, Chicago, IL 60610

gavelThursday, April 25 (7:00 – 8:00PM)

Join the Movement Webinar:  Find Out How You Can Make a Difference 


EMD Serono - David Nichols | RESOLVE - Barbara Collura 

NIAW Educational Webinar  REGISTER
Learn why you need to be proactive about supporting the rights of all fertility patients, educate,  and encourage your Congressional Representatives to vote for the Family Act in 2013.  Your voice can make a difference ... learn more by joining us in this informative webinar. For more information about RESOLVE - go to:  www.resolve.org
Learn About RESOLVE - ADVOCACY DAY - Washington D.C.   There is still time to join RESOLVE in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, May 8th. 

facheckup Friday, April 26 (8:00AM-4:00PM)     SPECIAL OFFER TODAY ONLY!!
Schedule Your FCI - Fertility Awareness Check Up  today and receive a 50% discount on your screening!! (Value $45.00
Go to  www.fcionline.com  click on “Schedule a Consultation” Fill out the form and put in the code “NIAW-FA” in the comment field. An FCI patient services liaison will contact you to set up our screening.   
If you prefer to call FCI directly, call 877.324.4483 and make sure to tell your patient services liaison the offer code NIAW-FA when you call.  
This offer expires at 4:00PM on April 26 2013.  Learn More about Fertility Awareness Check Up CLICK HERE!

mindfulnessSaturday, April 27   

Check Out Your Community To Find Support! 

Education, Mind Body & Support
Fertility Centers of Illinois | Patient Education Program offers community education seminars, mind body workshops, women and couple support groups. Visit www.fcionline.com | Patient Support | Patient Education Events each quarter for new class schedules. 
CLICK HERE for Current FCI Patient Education Schedule
Find Community Support /Organizations
    AFA Logo www.theafa.org

tiffani acupunctureMonday, April 29   (6:00-8:00PM)   

April Wellness Event:  West Meets East

FCI Physician - Eve Feinberg, MD
Holistic Women’s Health Specialists – Jeanie Bussell and Caroline Jung
This event is an up close and personal opportunity for all who are on the fertility journey to have your questions guided.  Learn about treatments and mind body approaches. Complimentary consultations provided by Dr. Eve Feinberg. Dinner provided by FCI.  To Register contact:  call 312.260.9000 |  www.tiffanikiminstitute.com.  CLICK HERE for more information.
Tiffani Kim Institute, 310 W. Superior St., 2nd floor, Chicago, IL 60654

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