July 22, 2013

Fertility Centers of Illinois Doctor Spotlight: Dr. Jane M. Nani

We love our doctors & want you to get to know them as well as we do, too! In our Doctor Spotlights, we interview each of the doctors here at the Fertility Centers of Illinois so you can learn about their backgrounds, a bit of their personal lives and to get to know them as a friend. Stay tuned for more Doctor Spotlights to come!

Here's your chance to meet Dr. Jane M. Nani!

Why did you choose to become a doctor? 
I was inspired by my father, who was an internal medicine doctor, to become a physician myself.  I remember him always as someone who absolutely loved his job and was dedicated to the care of patients.  In my career, I try to emulate the wonderful bedside manner that he had with patients and to always listen to the cares and concerns of patients as well as treat any medical issues that they had.  

Why did you choose fertility treatment as your career?
I particularly chose Reproductive Endocrinology, because it is the best field in all of medicine, in my opinion.  I particularly like the dramatic increase in IVF pregnancy success that has escalated over the course of my career in infertility. 

What do you find is the most enjoyable part about working for Fertility Centers of Illinois?
FCI is a wonderful practice because of the commitment we have to make all of our work, patient-centered.  We care most about the experience of the patient throughout all facets of treatment .

What do you like to do for fun outside of the office? Do you have any hobbies, favorite activities, etc?  I am an avid reader, jig-saw puzzle and crossword puzzle addict during the winter months and I enjoy motorcycle riding with  my family during the summer months.

We hope you've enjoyed getting to know one of our FCI doctors! Keep checking back for our next edition. See Dr. Jane Nani's FCI page here!


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