August 13, 2013

MTV True Life "I'm Desperate to Have a Baby" Recap

Recently, MTV has showcased what women and men endure when faced with the perils of infertility in and episode of the documentary show True Life titled "I'm Desperate to Have a Baby."

Have you seen it yet?

If you're new to the fertility treatment scene, much of what was covered in this episode is new to you: the heartache of being told you can't conceive naturally, the seemingly endless wait for answers, the possibility of never having children, hanging onto your hopes and dream so tightly...

Or if you're a veteran to this world - you've been here, or know someone who has and your heart goes out to these two profiled.

In this episode, True Life follows two women going through fertility treatments in order to have children, and one of those couples comes to our fertility center in Chicago to meet with our own Dr. Beltsos. Chicagoland couple Jenna & Kurt's road to pregnancy is documented below and we are so happy we were able to share in this experience with them.

WATCH the full episode here & let us know what you think:

See the recap of Jenna & Kurt's experience and where they are now from the Chicago Sun Times!

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